Farewell Show

On Tuesday night, students put on a farewell show for their host familie. They performed an play, traditional Chilean dances, and songs that they learned in their afternoon classes. Then, we all shared a potluck provided by their host families.

Three day excursion

This weekend, our students went to La Serena. A northern touristic city, 5 hours away from Viña.

We were able to see some of the most technologically advanced telescopes at the Tololo and Mamalluca observatories. Additionally, we took a trip to the Japanese Gardens and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


Yesterday, we went to the big city of Santiago! This city has a total of 7 million people (1/3 of Chilean population lives here) and it has a culture of its own. Students were able to visit the Museum of Memory (about the survivors and victims of the dictatorship), Museum of Gabriela Mistral, and Cerro San Cristóbal. We were able to see the sunset on top of the Cerro and see Los Andes mountain range!

Mapuche New Year

Today, students learned about the Mapuche (original indigenous people in Chile) New Year. Their dance instructor, Diego, taught them about Mapuche traditions, showing them the flag and instruments used in traditional dances. Then, he showed us a dance and we all danced outside. Next, students got to go to the Sports Club and play a traditional Mapuche game called Palin (similar to hockey but on the grass). Students loved it and were quite competitive!